It doesn't matter if your talking about Fort Sam Houston, The King William Historical Neighborhood, One of San Antonio's Haunted Bed and Breakfast or many of the cities Historical Buildings our team has conducted a ghost investigation there.

Ghost Hunters Society Had this to say. This tour is action packed ghost hunting from start to finish. With over 30 years of ghost hunting experience being taught in a 90min tour. The knowledge of actual Ghost Hunting is amazing. One thing we all agreed upon was that you learn more in this 90min tour than most of us new in our first 5 years of trial and error Ghost Hunting. The history was excellent

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 Ghost stories are part of the city of San Antonio. San Antonio has had 12 battles fought in and around here over the control of its land. That makes San Antonio some of the most fought over land in the United States. Just that fact alone may be why we are considered one of the most haunted cities in the world. Battle Fields, Hospitals, Cemeteries, and old Hotels are the best places to find ghost hunt. "Yes" this tour route has them all. The true ghost stories told on the tour are known to be part of the folklore of San Antonio.

Walk along the streets and back alleys of downtown while we bring alive the chilling history and mayhem of San Antonio's wicked past. You will stand in the very place where men, women and children begged for their lives while having their heads removed for fun and revenge. Feel the energy from those who remain behind today. These spirits remain from heroes and murderers, along with your average man, woman and children, all with the same thing in common: to linger behind in death.

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