San Antonio Ghost Tours, San Antonio's top ghost tour for the last 10 years 2004 thru 2014.

Knowledgeable guides, historical accuracy and a top notch reputation are what have put us at the top of  San Antonio's Best Entertainment List for the last 10 years.

Visit the scenes of many horrific crimes, murders, and ghostly happenings. Walk along the streets and back alleys of downtown while we bring alive the chilling history and mayhem of San Antonio's wicked past.

 Official Partner of the San Antonio Spurs.

We have appeared on local TV many of times over the years.

On Friday the 13th, Alamo City Ghost Tours was asked to appear on the TV show ” San Antonio Living” to explain the myths behind, why Friday the 13th is considered to be unlucky. Due to the quality of our tours, we have appeared on Fox News and all the major news channels here in San Antonio.

San Antonio Film Festival 2011 - 2012  A Documentary was done featuring Alamo City Ghost Tours. This video ended up being a finalist in the San Antonio Neighborhood Film Project 2011-2012 and then also being selected for the San Antonio Film Festival 2012.

We have been mentioned in the following publications: Home and Garden Magazine, Texas Monthly, Crisscrossing Texas, Fiesta Magazine, Dallas Morning News, San Antonio Express News, USA Today, Southern Living and many others.

We have been the #1 choice of San Antonio’s tourists and locals since 2004.

Ghost are not only detected with the ghost hunting equipment. Our guest say they get goose bumps all over their bodies, some say they are touched and even pushed at times. Photographs showing faces or full bodied apparitions are not that unusual. Sometimes people say they hear a whispering in their ears. Bring along your camera this is by far your best friend when ghost hunting.

We bring Ghost Hunting Equipment on the tour. This way our guest get a true ghost hunting experience. Everybody on our tour gets ghost hunting equipment, EMF meters to detect changes in electromagnetic frequencies, digital thermometers to detect cold spots, dowsing rods to find energy.Such as the energy created by a ghost.

Dallas Morning News: "I feel as if I have been transported into the 1980's movie Ghost Busters."

Our Tenth Year Anniversary 2014

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We also own Mission Trail Tours a well-known local historical tour company. Our tours are known for true and unusual history. We have combined historical knowledge with 30 years of ghost hunting experience to create Alamo City Ghost Tours, one of the top ghost tours in the country today.

Due to the amount of information learned on our tours and how much fun our guests have during the ghost tour we have been chosen by many of our local high schools as extra class credit.

Alamo City Ghost Tours has led more ghost hunters and history lovers through the battlegrounds of The Alamo than anybody else in the world.