The San Antonio Spurs, The San Antonio Missions, and The Alamo City Golf Trail all have partnered with Alamo City Ghost Tours!

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San Antonio Ghost Tours

Start Time 9:00 pm 7 nights a week.      It will last 90 minutes.

Walking distance is about one mile.

Adults: $15.00                                Children 5-14: $10.00

Groups of 10 or more are discounted $5.00 a person.

Call - 210-336-7831

Ghost Tours of San Antonio ghost stories and ghost hunting in some of San Antonio’s most haunted locations!

Alamo City Ghost Tours has led more ghost hunters and history lovers through the battlegrounds of The Alamo than anybody else in the world.

Walk along the streets and back alleys of downtown while we bring alive the chilling history and mayhem of San Antonio's wicked past. You will stand in the very place where men, women and children begged for their lives while having their heads removed for fun and revenge. Feel the energy from those who remain behind today. These spirits remain from heroes and murderers, along with your average man, woman and children, all with the same thing in common: to linger behind in death.

Alamo City Ghost Tours is the only Ghost Tour in San Antonio to be voted one of the best ghost tours in America.By TripAdvisor

 Ghost stories are part of the enchanted city of San Antonio. San Antonio has had 12 battles fought in and around here over the control of its land. That makes San Antonio some of the most fought over land in the United States. Just that fact alone may be why we are considered one of the most haunted cities in the world. Battle Fields, Hospitals, Cemeteries, and old Hotels are the best places to find ghost. "Yes" this tour route has them all. The true ghost stories told on the tour are known to be part of the folklore of San Antonio.

What are others saying about Alamo City Ghost Tours

Country Station KJ 97 chose Alamo City Ghost Tours and Ripleys  Haunted Adventure as the two best attractions in downtown San Antonio to feature for their Halloween Special.

Rock Station K ZEP 104.5 chose Alamo Ghost Hunt to feature on their morning program on Halloween.

Hip Hop Station 98.5 The Beat. chose J.R. the owner of The Original Alamo City Ghost Tours as the professional Ghost Hunter for their two hour call in special on Halloween. Stating that no other Ghost Hunter they have had on their show before could be put in J.R.'s class. 

News Radio 1200 San Antonio's top news program chose J.R. as San Antonio's top Professional Ghost Hunter. To do a live interview with for their Halloween special.

San Antonio's top newspaper The Express News chose the San Antonio Ghost Hunters to write about for their Halloween Special. A group of over 275 Local Ghost Hunters that is headed by J.R.

Taps Family Member /Texas Michelle. Had this to say.
We would like to say out of the three tours taken over the last several months one came up front. We would like to share our personal opinions by letting everyone know why the choice was Alamo City Ghost Tours.
We are happy to report that this tour covered historical facts, education, spooky ghost stories and local legends. This tour was long yet, offered quite a bit for the money. We were impressed and being professional investigators... ghost tours are not something that we usually attend.

Professional Ghost Hunters And Writers For Ghost Magazine, The ghost Chicks. Had this to say. There is no other ghost tour in San Antonio like this one and you don't want to miss this. The owners, JR and Karen, know all about the "true history" of San Antonio and will tell you things that will astound you. The Ghost Chicks recommend this tour above all others in the city of San Antonio. There is no other ghost tour in San Antonio that even begins to compare to The Alamo Ghost Hunt . JR and Karen are truly know the history of San Antonio and beyond. Their knowledge will amazeyou!

On Friday the 13th , Alamo City Ghost Tours was asked to appear on the TV show ” San Antonio Living” to explain the myths behind why Friday the 13th is considered to be unlucky. Due to the quality of our tours, we have appeared on Fox News and all the major news channels here in San Antonio.

San Antonio Film Festival 2011 - 2012 A Documentary was done featuring Alamo City Ghost Tours. This video ended up being a finalist in the San Antonio Neighborhood Film Project 2011-2012 and then also being selected for the San Antonio Film Festival 2012.

We have been mentioned in the following publications: Home and Garden Magazine, Texas Monthly, Crisscrossing Texas, Fiesta Magazine, Dallas Morning News, San Antonio Express News, USA Today, Southern Living and many others.

Paramount Productions for years has, from time to time, sent us shirts, hats, posters and screening passes for the guests on our tour. Here are the names of just a few of these movies: Paranormal Activity 2, 3 and 4, Jack Reacher, Sinister, Lincoln, Warm Bodies and many more.

We have thousands of more  Facebook likes more than any other ghost tour in San Antonio.